Do Napa Virtually from Home

Imagine What It’s Like to Uncork a Different Side of the Napa Valley

Do dream a little. We know you’d rather be sipping wine and eating your way through Downtown Napa right now, but we know you understand it’s more important to stay home.

While you’re safe at home, daydream of the ideal vacation for a beautiful distraction. That perfect room, that amazing dinner, the exciting art …sit back, relax and imagine what it’s like to uncork a different side of the Valley through our series of videos.

Downtown Napa 3 days in 1 minute

DoNapa Culinary Experiences

DoNapa Main Street Reunion 2019

Do Something With the Girls

Do Something Fun & Carefree

Do Something Unforgettable

Do Something Delicious

Do Something Unexpectedly Romantic

Napa Lighted Art Festival

DoNapa 3 in 30 – Go Outdoors

DoNapa 3 in 30 – Go Biking

DoNapa 3 in 30 – Go Kayaking

DoNapa 3 in 30 – Go Hiking

DoNapa 3 in 30 – Hog Island

DoNapa 3 in 30 Kara’s Cupcakes

DoNapa 3 in 30 – Fieldworks

DoNapa 3 in 30 – The Oxbow

DoNapa 3 in 30 – Do the Napa ART

DoNapa 3 in 30 The Cru @ The Annex

DoNapa 3 in 30 – Gordon Huether Studio

DoNapa 3 in 30 – Be Inspired

DoNapa in 30 – English Muffin – Model Bakery

DoNapa in 30 – Impossible Burger – Gott’s Roadside

DoNapa in 30 – Beer Can Chicken – Bounty Hunter

DoNapa in 30 – Unique Eats

Napa Insider Tip Girl’s Getaway

Napa Insider Outdoor Activities

DoNapa – The Inn On First

DoNapa – Anette’s Chocolates

DoNapa – Celadon

Do Something Delicious in Napa

Spontaneous Shopping, Wine Tasting, Dining in Downtown Napa

Downtown Napa’s Chefs’ Market – Thursday Evenings

DoNapa! Downtown Art Scene

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  • Downtown Napa is open and ready to safely welcome visitors!

    Be prepared for travel in Napa.

    For your health and safety, wear masks and practice social distancing.

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